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The company VEGAMARINE OÜ (www.vegamarine.eu) requires a Foreman in the crew of Marine interiors in Finland (pay from 13 Euros per hour net).

VEGAMARINE OÜ has over 25 years experience in shipbuilding and recruiting services. We have been working on the European Union market for many years. Now our main clients are in Finland, Germany and Estonia.

1) Organising work in shipyard construction and/or shipbuilding repairs. Supervise employees. Perform other work as directed by the customer.
2) Opening/closing facilities. Maintaining facilities.
3) Working with related documents
3) Supervising the progress of work at the site.
4) Knowledge of technology of interior works.
5) A confident PC user

Requirements to the candidate:

● Experience of working as a foreman for at least 2 years
● WAbility to confirm the level of knowledge in practice.
● Quality of the candidate: honesty, responsibility, punctuality, orderliness.
● Ability to competently prepare estimates.
● Working with subordinates, customers.
● The list of Cards required to have for the work in Nordic countries:
a) Technical Safety Card
b) Safety Card for Electrical Safety
c) First Aid Card.
We can help you with the cards if required.
● EU citizenship is preferred.

From our side we offer:

● Official employment
● Wages are paid timely once a month in accordance with the contract. Ability to receive an advance payment after two weeks of work.
● Health insurance: All workers are covered by health insurance.
● Reimbursement of travel expenses to the place of residence, according to the contract
● The accommodation expenses are covered by the employer. Living at the apartments or houses, In the room for 1-3 people (dishes, linens are provided)
● Specialised clothing and personal protective equipment is provided.

Additional Information:

1. All candidates will go through an initial interview with the manager.
2. All newcomers will be checked for qualifications upon arrival at the site.
3. The company is ready for long-term cooperation.
4. The leadership skills are very welcomed in the possibility of the career growth

Schedule of work and vacations:

Example 1: 3-4 months of work at the site, 2 weeks of vacation.
Example 2: 6 months of work at the site, 1 month of vacation. Individual arrangements are also possible.
Work: Six days a week. Approximate number of working hours per week: 55 hours. Average number of working hours per month: 220-240 hours.

В Финляндию только граждане европейского союза ( кроме гипокартона)

С Уважением,

Игорь Сорокин
Vegamarine OÜ
11415 Peterburi tee 90F
Tallinn Estonia
Tel.+372 5558 3806

Вакансии, Interior Foreman required (Finland) в Финляндия,

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