Эстония, Выру
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Адрес: Эстония, Выру
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Greetings! My name is Kate Pepinova, I am an architect and an experienced interior designer. I develop projects for both residential and non-residential premises. For me, my field of activity is not work, but the work of my whole life! I really love what I do! It is very important for me to check the quality of the work and the right time. I will help you create the interior of your dreams
I have assembled a team of designers and 3D visualizers to create a unique project and provide clients with the best price and the fastest time!
I make an individual design project with your wishes and in the desired color scheme, to which we have already selected furniture!
I also deal with commercial premises (cafe, restaurant, bar, studio, gym and other premises)
My benefits:
I work in a team of professionals with 14 years of experience not only in design, but also in construction
I hand over a ready-made design project with planning solutions and equipment 30-45 days after the start of development
I know how to work within the budget, as well as control and optimize costs
I also take into account the individuality, individuality and values of clients, so that the interior design fully reflects the style and scenario of their life.
We work under a contract
Photo and video report. At any time we can provide a report on what is happening in your apartment 3D visualization. You will see the new interior even before the renovation starts.
I'm always open to corrections if you change your mind or want to add something new.
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Предложение услуг, Interior designer by Kate Pepinova в Эстонии, Выру, presdevel16

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